Stories of Ocera is the title of the overarching storyline of roleplaying games, books, and short stories that take place in the fictional fantasy setting of Ocera. Stories of Ocera began in early 2015 by Chance Mills with the assistance of Brandon Hayes, Cristian Dodson, Bill Matyas and others

Stories of Ocera takes place in the fictional realm of Ocera, on the planet Mawraa. It follows the adventures of several groups of heroes, battling evil forces throughout the realm. Major characters include Devlhin Lywenguard, Britix, Malcom Crow, Gabriel Sunspear, Ashirath Lywenguard, Brynolf, and several others.

The main focus around Stories of Ocera is the defeat and many resurrections of the legendary Blood King, who is supposed to bring the realm of Ocera into chaos and darkness.

There are a multitude of stories that take place alongside the Blood King stories, including the Rebllion, The Northern Lands, and Ardenhol's Arena