Malcom Crow (Tillthorne)

Human Burglar

Homeland - Damascus 

Lived from 3592AGW - Present Day (Life extended)

Associated with - Pathfinder Society, Thieves Guild of Damascus, Thieves Guild of Corinth

Lywenguard Rebels, Golden Anvil Merchents Guild, 


Other Titles - The Crow, The Skeleton Key, Hero of Northwatch

Malcom has lived in the big city for as long as he can remember. Malcom led a simple childhood, his father was a local alchemist and his mother was a storyteller. He learned much about the art of embellishing and storytelling from his mother, and inherited his father’s good looks and dirty brown hair. At a young age, Malcom was to begin an apprenticeship as a blacksmith. During one of his visits to the forge, his father conducted a failed alchemy experiment and blew up their family home, killing himself and his mother, and his three younger siblings. Malcom, heartbroken, returned to the forge to tell the smithy what had happened. The smith took him in, and Malcom apprenticed as a blacksmith for a few years after. One day a man came in wanting a hitch fixed. Malcom obliged, and during the process of fixing it the man attempted to swipe a small sack of coins from behind the forge counter, and Malcom swiftly and quietly swiped them back. The man was impressed, and later on met Malcom at a tavern to offer the short, scrawny youth a job with the thieves guild. Malcom accepted after being offered a way away from the city and the memories of his family, and he never looked back.