Gabriel Sunspear

Human Paladin (Later Demi-god)

Homeland - Horizon’s Reach

Lived From 3582AGW - Present Day

Associated with - Sunspear Order, Pathfinder Society, Society of Quill and Blade, Council of Damascus

Family - Alicia Sunspear (Mother), Alexander Sunspear (Deceased Father), Lane McInturff (Cousin)

Other Titles - Gabriel the Light, The Morningstar, Golden One, Grand Spear Marshall, 

Gabriel has been in the Order his whole life, and knows nothing of the outside world until he is sent on a mission that sends him around the realm. Gabriel stands at an intimidating 6′ 4″ and 280 lbs, making him the largest of the party. A short cropped head of white blonde hair tops his head, and bright green eyes shine off a sense of softness and compassion. Regardless of his size and stature, Gabriel is kind hearted and empathetic. Gabriel is frequently plagued by self doubt, a result of his early ascension into Sunspear leadership. He will more often than not hold his tongue if a plan he made goes wrong.