Devlhin Lywenguard

Half-Elf Ranger

Homeland - Thurihell

Lived From - 3684AGW - Present Day

Associated with -  Pathfinder Society, Society of Quill And Blade, House Lywenguard, Lywenguard Rebellion, Sunspears

Family -  Asharath Lywenguard (Adopted Sister), Dentrill Lywenguard (Father) , Unknown mother, Iliysinor (Half Sister)

Devlhin is the noble son of Dentrill Lywenguard, one of the most well known nobles of the Elven houses. At a young age, his half elf lineage  was revealed, a fact that Dentrill was trying very hard to keep a secret from the other elven households. To solidify Dentrill’s position and pro-elf views, he banished his own son. Devlhin grew up in the woods of Thurihell, fending for himself. Devlhin is soft spoken and quiet, and frequently competes with Gabriel as the unofficial leader of the group. Frequently wearing a hood to cover his jet black hair and icy blue eyes from the public. Devlhin holds a strong code of honor and justice, and will not hesitate to quietly dispose of any outlaw that preys on the innocent.